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E. Raymond Boc ~ Old Rag Photography
I am always studying the changing quality of light and how it affects the world around me. I often photograph a location or landscape several times to capture the different emotions that that light can give to a scene.

Email: boceraymond@yahoo.com Phone: 540-987-9706

Patricia Brennan ~ Slumped Glass
I have worked as a stained glass artist for over 36 years, in Sperryville, Virginia. I am the owner and artist of De’Danann Glassworks, where I produce my commissioned work, teach classes and create art glass. I uses many different techniques in my stained glass work: kiln fired hand painting on glass, silk screening, etching, fusing, mosaic and slumping.

I consider my work in stained glass a journey that continues to unfold. I am constantly striving to learn new techniques in glass to make my work more interesting and unique. I am dedicated to preserving the integrity of an old world art form, while combining the use of the technology available today. I am committed and honored to create lifelong lasting art.

Lorri Brown ~ Gemstone Jewelry
Lorri has dabbled with beadstringing, bead weaving, and designing jewelry for most of her life. She has been beadstringing professionally for about 40 years and used to teach classes back in the 80s and 90s. She also does a lot of local beadstringing repairs. Lorri works primarily with precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and more recently, spent bullets.

Her line of bullet jewelry came into being when someone handed her a spent bullet and said “What can you do with this?” Lorri has turned many spent bullets into beautiful pieces of jewelry by incorporating gemstones to accent the unique shape(s) of each bullet.

Caitlin Burch ~ Lampwork Glass Jewelry
Caitlin Burch grew up with glass. An award winning, second generation glassblower; she spent time in the studio with her mother and father from a very young age. “My initial inspiration for working with glass is its inherent grace and beauty. The ability to transfer and capture the organic fluidity of the molten glass in a finished form or vessel is absolutely magical and amazing.”

Now with two lines of work, handblown glass and lampwork jewelry, Burch is practicing both crafts. “The fact that I work in two related fields, [offhand blown glass and lampworking] has allowed me the unique and challenging opportunity to incorporate individual techniques and skills of each into the other.”

“Glass is binding. My father has always talked about dancing with the glass and living with it. I believe I finally understand what he means. It is a part of me now, a part ofeverything I do. I love it”.

Burch’s work is available in galleries across the country and at fine craft shows from March to December in the Northeast.

Robert Burch ~ Handblown Glass
Robert has been working in blown glass since 1971, while maintaining a broad production line he is Increasing his focus on one-of-a-kind and commission work. His glasswork consists of vases, perfume bottles, paperweights and sculptural pieces, with his current specialty being works that incorporate veiled silver glass with delicate bubble patterns. Since 1977 Robert’s works have been shown in numerous shows across the country. Says Robert, “Most of my inspiration comes from my natural surroundings, and is further enhanced by the beauty of the glass in its molten state. I am fortunate to have found work that I love and that allows me to be creative.”
Jolene Cooper ~ Gemstone Jewelry & Handblown Glass
Jolene is a third generation jewelry designer and has been creating beaded and wire wrapped gemstone jewelry for over 20 years. In 2004, she met Master Glassblower Eric Kvarnes and began her glassblowing apprenticeship in Sperryville, VA. Jolene continues to create gemstone jewelry and functional handblown glass art, while also working as Manager at Glassworks Gallery.
Nan Dix ~ Artistic Origin Jewelry
Artistic Origin is a jewelry company created by Nan Dix in January of 2011. Nan specializes in the design and creation of unique pieces for everyday wear with a focus on color and natural components in the form of gems, pearls, thread, silver, gold, and leather. Each piece is made by Nan and her team of talented makers in the Artistic Origin studio using hand knotting and wireworking techniques. For more information visit: ArtisticOrigin.com

“We love creating jewelry at Artistic Origin and more importantly we love for our customers to be happy with our work. We set the bar high to ensure quality, beauty, and durability so our customers can feel confident and put together when wearing our pieces of art.”

Monika Fischer ~ Straterra Pottery & Ceramic Jewelry
My nature-inspired clay work is all hand-built (not formed on a wheel). This allows me the opportunity to create a wide variety of shapes, manipulate the clay to that layered (strata) look and use found, natural objects to apply textures to bowls, plates, vessels, and wall pieces.
Charles “Flick” Flickenger ~ Figurative Sculpture
I am a sculptor, installation artist and teacher living in Nelson County, Virginia. I taught at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. over a decade, Virginia Commonwealth University & various workshops around the country. I have taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD as well as Washington Studio School in Washington, D.C.

Since graduating from the Corcoran in 1986 I have worked in many materials, but the human figure is a constant element in both sculptures and installations. My earlier figures incorporate torch welded steel, found objects and layers of other materials, such as glass or hair. In more recent pieces carved wood serves as the bones of the sculptures instead of steel.

Although I enjoy the craft of sculpture, I see the materials and methods I use as secondary to the ideas my sculptures express. I revel in the interplay between the inherent content of a material and the more intentional elements (such as the gesture of a figure) which I add. My pieces may suggest a narrative, sometimes a mythical one, but these myths are reinterpreted as personal visions rather than illustrations of particular myths.

The images come from a philosophical outlook that holds the physical world as sacred. I care very much about this world, particularly the natural environment that we are destroying. It is the one thing I would give anything to change. As an artist, it can be difficult to feel useful in this regard. Lately, though, it has occurred to me that our culture’s low regard for intact nature is a symptom of a general lack of reverence for the beauty of existence.

The arts can be a path to fostering an appreciation of our world. Aesthetic experience should be valued in this light. In that sense, I think part of an artist’s function (or a scientist’s or a parent’s, etc.) is to explore and to love this world, and to help others see the depth of the beauty in and around us.

Hans Gerhard ~ Metal Sculpture
Hans was born and educated in Germany where his early interest in the arts was nurtured in a large family. A visiting appointment in the United States extended to permanent residence and US citizenship. He taught economics at Duke and other universities, and later joined the staff of the International Monetary Fund in Washington,DC.

He studied at the Corcoran School of Art, but drew most inspiration from artist friends, and learned from visits to their studios, to museums and galleries. Franz Bader, the venerable Washington art dealer, encouraged Hans Gerhard’s pursuit of painting and included his work in exhibitions at the Bader Gallery. This opened access to other galleries and so his work found its way into private and public art collections in the United States and Europe.

Beginning in the 1970s, his paintings and sculpture have been regularly shown in Galleries of DC, and Virginia. A 1980s solo show at the then newly opened Glassworks marked his entry into the circle of Rappahannock artists and craftsmen, who have been a much enjoyed source of encouragement and learning ever since.

Joyce Harman ~ Old Rag Photography
I am an avid photographer and teacher. In my day job as a holistic veterinarian for horses, I have been teaching for over 20 years. In recent years, I find teaching photography extremely rewarding, and enjoy helping students gain control over their cameras and become creative photographers.

I enjoy adventure photography and challenge myself to get away from the crowds, out in nature to find unique images. My images have made top honors in a number of large international competitions, and are represented in private collections.

I also love to challenge myself to learn new skills in image processing, and to be able to pass those skills on to others through classes at my gallery, in private sessions, and for camera clubs or any group with an interest in photography.

I became a certified Master Naturalist several years ago, in order to learn more about my environment in and around my home area, near the Shenandoah National Park. I am happy to volunteer in the park on a regular basis, which gives me opportunities to help the park, as well as follow the seasons in detail to find photographs, from the frozen winter icicles to the delicate spring flowers.

Kenny Johnson ~ Metal Artist
Kenny developed a love of art at a young age & has dabbled in many artistic mediums throughout the years. He has worked with sculpture in various mediums, lampworking, pottery, painting/murals, pen & ink drawing, woodwork, stone masonry, and has also built museum displays nationwide.

His love for metalworking began in 2001 after taking a class at NVCC in Manassas, and has been creating metalwork in his spare time ever since, using art as a form of self-therapy. He is certified in Stick and Mig welding.

Eric Kvarnes ~ Handblown Glass
Eric Kvarnes has been blowing glass since 1973 and reached Master Glassblower status in 1998. Eric started with Robert Burch in Plainfield,VT and continued glass studies at Goddard College in Vermont until 1978. Kvarnes started his glassblowing business in 1979.

In 1984, Kvarnes purchased the old truck junkyard in Sperryville, VA. He cleaned it up over the following two years and founded Oldway Art Center & Glassworks Gallery on the site.

Eric has been featured on both local and national news shows over the years and was amongst the most senior glassblowers in America today.  Eric passed away unexpectedly in July 2018 due to health complications.

Jenni Kvarnes ~ Needle Felting & Wet Felting
My name is Jennifer Kvarnes, and I am the designer behind Garnet Grove Studios. I was born and raised at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Rappahannock County, Virginia, where I continue to live and find much of my inspiration. I am 29 years old and have been practicing many kinds of art since I was old enough to hold a pen. Both of my parents were artists, and I grew up watching them create amazing works of art. My mother, Davette Leonard, is an established painter and calligrapher and my father, Eric Kvarnes, is a master glassblower. I have always liked to try new things, and along the way have picked up many interests. I am practiced in drawing, painting, mixed media, and jewelry making and design. Most recently, I have discovered needle felting, and have fallen in love with creating works of art in fiber. I most enjoy creating miniature houses, sculpted from wool. Wool is a tactile and enjoyable media for me, and while it is very time-consuming, the end result is always worth the wait. I’ve been creating wool sculptures and paintings since January 2014.
Leif Kvarnes ~ Handblown Glass
Leif has been occasionally blowing glass since he was four years old. He started playing with glass when he was two. He has decided he wants to learn the trade seriously. As glass blowing is our family profession, he is legally allowed to do this. Leif will become a master glassblower at age 27.

Leif is currently going to college but still blows glass when he gets the chance.

Amal Ratnavibhushana ~ Painter
Marie Scavetti ~ Metal Artist
Marie Scavetti graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She works in various mediums including oils, graphite/charcoal, clay, plaster, metals, etc. Marie is currently focusing on create metal pieces that are both aesthetic and functional.
Francie Schroeder ~ Old Rag Photography
My college majors were Sociology and English literature. One professor lugged his cameras around with his novels and I was intrigued. After a time in the Peace Corps in Brazil I attended Brooks Institute of Photography where I studied studio lighting, printing and view camera techniques.

Later I worked for the Smithsonian Institution as a black and white printer, as a photographer at the National Zoo, as a writer and researcher for the Archives of American Gardens, a photographic collection, and again as a photographer of their gardens. I also shared a studio in Washington D C with my husband. Beside our commercial work we had two joint shows at Middle Street Gallery in Washington, Va. In 2011, I joined the photo cooperative, Old Rag Gallery.

I am not a disciplined photographer who sticks to a single style but I do believe individual photographers are each drawn over and over to the same patterns within their environments and I try to exploit that repetitive attraction rather than fight it.

Deborah Schupp ~ Gumbo Design Studios Quilting & Textile Art
Gumbo Design Studios specializes in quilt patterns, presentations and workshops and custom projects. With more than 25 years’ experience in designing and crafting fiber art projects with a Louisiana French Creole heritage, Deborah incorporates vivid color, print textures and contemporary interpretations to her work. Using commercial fabrics, she finds it’s like making a rich gumbo, where the elements work together to create a unique and striking result.

Every pattern includes some lagniappe (lan-yap), a little something extra. Common in the New Orleans culture, lagniappe is like a “baker’s dozen”. It’s a gift to my customers to share my love for quilting and my home town.

Patty Sevre ~ Engraved Glass
Hand carved and engraved illustration on fine crystal, and other glass is a precious and ancient art form with few remaining masters.

Unlike gold or silver or any other precious metal, the mystery and beauty of light is an integral and cherished element of the artisans work. Sparkling arrangements, misty shadows, and luminous contours create exciting and inimitable works of art.

Patty Sevre is a master of her craft, ably creating unique and irreplaceable specimens of glass and crystal art with little more than revolving stones, copper and diamond wheels, and cooling water. Clearly, one of the finest practitioners of this rare art form that one will ever see. Patty creates exceptional illustrations on varying shapes and pieces, including vases, bowls, flatware, and spherical glass and crystal.

Every aspect of her work is freehand and requires a remarkably keen eye and sure hand. With the exception of a lathe fitted with stones, Patty uses no other aids in the birth of her creations. Study the superb engravings by Patty and behold the quality, value, and desirable nature of her work.

Upon appointment, Patty is available to do custom work and engraving for the most discerning tastes and discriminating fine art collectors.

Terri St Cloud ~ Poetry & Watercolor
Growing up believing that good always won, that the goal was the white picket fence, and that love was easy, it took some life changes, losses and darkness to birth new beliefs. And so the darkness came, shattered my world and knocked me down flat. And when I stood up again, I was facing a new direction and finding a new life as I traveled. I am so deeply grateful to those shatterings. For without those, I would not have had room for this journey I’m on now.

The bone sighs reflect that journey. If you look close, you’ll see a woman figuring out that holding on to herself and her value changes everything. You’ll see the understanding that to gain strength, one must let go of things that take away from who you are. You’ll see a woman learning how to see herself and how to offer herself. You’ll see a woman waking up.

I’m in my fifties, looking at the end of motherhood and the beginning of truly sitting with myself without distractions. I have days where I’m filled with joy and confidence and laughter, and I have days where self doubt takes over and I get filled with fear. And sometimes, every now and then, I know with every part of me that I’m living a life of love and that offering who I am is exactly what I want to be doing. Bone sigh arts has been a vehicle for my self knowing from the very start and continues to open me over and over again. I want to travel my inner landscape and learn how to trust in myself so deeply that I learn how to truly be love.

Sun Garden Soaps ~ Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions, etc
Our natural products are just that – natural- no preservatives or chemicals. We use only pure essential oils, the finest vegetable and nut oils and natural pigment for color.

The nearly natural handmade goat milk soaps we make are at least 98{43b4c33f5f3c3f70b2e08a23ac7549183fab1ab322abb8b2e9615727d7d27d6c} natural – reason being- some of our soaps contain high quality fragrance oils.

Our handmade soaps are made with fresh goat milk, natural oils and butters known to benefit your skin. Goat milk has naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids which exfoliates and soothes while adding essential moisture to improve the condition and appearance of your skin. Goat milk contains proteins, minerals and high levels of vitamins A, D & E. It is said to be naturally anti-inflammatory, helps to maintain the correct PH balance and an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis.

In order to produce our high quality handmade goat milk soaps we make everything in small batches. We use the cold process method in making our soaps which allows the glycerin to remain in the soap for its natural moisturizing ability.

Our products are PARABEN FREE and are not tested on animals -just family members and willing friends. Our soaps do not contain chemicals like you find in commercially made soaps so they are not tear free.

We grow the herbs used in our soaps and herbal bath teas. Our herbs are grown in chemical free soil using only homemade solutions for pest control.

Melanie Winslow ~ Stained Glass
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